We help brands simplify eCommerce execution

Unified platform coupled with a global fulfillment network results in happy customers


We help you do 3 things

Unify Everything

Connect all sales channels to one Inbox

Fulfill Intelligently

Pick, Pack & Ship from the ideal location
Deploy our Tech in your Facility

Optimize Delivery

Rate shop carriers to save time and money
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We help you do 3 things

Unify Everything

Sync Inventory and Orders with ONE app

Fulfill Like a Pro

Route orders to the optimal location
Your Desk
Your Garage
Existing 3PL
Dropship Supplier

Optimize Delivery

Rate shop 100+ Carriers to save time and money
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How It Works

Connect Once. Launch Globally.
Whether you ship a 100 orders or a 100,000, our fulfillment solution scales with you. Our platform allows you to ship orders from your existing facility or ours or both - all without needing to re-engineer integrations, operating procedures - even your account manager.
Your success is personal to us and show up with a sincere desire to earn your trust.

Below is a sampling of all the things we do:

  • Inbound
    . Receive and Inspect your goods. Report on expected, received, good / damaged
    . 3-Day or less Dock-To-Stock receiving guarantee. Same day receiving available
  • Warehousing
    . Complete inventory management. Routine cycle counts and inspection
    . Ability to store your inventory in small and large bins or pallets
    . Storage can be based on bin/pallet space or cubic volume occupied
  • Outbound
    . Same Day Pick, Pack and Ship up to 6pm.
    . Normal fulfillment is 1-Business Day or less turnaround
    . Orders received by 8am ship same day
    . Worldwide shipping using our carrier accounts or yours or 3rd party
  • Rework
    . Amazon FBA Prep friendly with know-upfront pricing.
    . Full list of value add services like Kitting & Assembly, Labeling etc.
  • Account Management
    . Liase with a single point of contact for any issue in the global network
    . Direct contact with your Global Account Manager - a real human being with an opinion and desire to serve.

Client Spotlight

Miki House, a leading Japanese premium fashion brand for babies and children, is renowned for its irresistibly cute designs, uncompromising quality and Japanese craftsmanship. Our credo is to make all children smile, dream and grow up healthy. Our products stay true to this mission. MIKI HOUSE brand is made for children to play, run and rest with comfort and happiness.

As a subsidiary of MIKI SHOKO., LTD. in the US market, the company currently operates three stores at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street in New York City, The Aventura Mall in Florida, and San Francisco Centre in California, and an online store.

Visit mikihouse-usa.com

Our Global Network

We are not middlemen. We actually run our facilities
  • We use the same software in all warehouses
  • We use the same procedures in all warehouses
  • We hire for the same values in our people in all warehouses
  • We like to receive and give feedback

Our Impact

At 3LINX, we define success differently.

As a for-profit business, of course we keep a keen eye on financial metrics. However, it is important for us to do business from the mind and also from the heart. This means taking a chance on a young brand just getting started and helping them succeed online; or hiring an individual with no experience, grooming them and watching them become a star team member. We are humbled to be in a position to do that every day.

We also live the family first mindset whereby we cherish our roles as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Being there for our families is an important component of how we define success. We are a fiercely loyal, authentic, honest and humble bunch.

As a global business with locations in different geographies, we feel an obligation to the communities we operate in but asking the question: Is our community, neighborhood, town or city better off because we're in it? We aim to be a beacon of hope to our communities and give back. That's the real return on investment we're after.

A shout out to our amazing customers and team members who push us to be the best version of ourselves and ultimately build something that our families are proud of. Thank you!

  • We use the same software in all warehouses
  • We use the same procedures in all warehouses
  • We hire for the same values in our people in all warehouses
  • We like to receive and give feedback

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